Some tips for users of Windows 7

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“”>Some computer users today may have switched to Microsoft’s latest operating system is, yes Windows 7 disniyalir lighter and more powerful than previous operating systematically, so we wanted to try to provide tips and tricks about using this operating system for you. Here is a quick way to use a computer... 

NVIDIA Tegra 3 new gadgets will be equipped with Wireless Display medium

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NVIDIA Tegra 3 new gadgets will be equipped with Wireless Display medium. Good news came from the world of entertainment technology, according to the plan, the manufacturer of NVIDIA Tegra 3 in the near future these devices will soon launch a gadget that hatched by NVIDIA Tegra 3 can connect the HD video content from the tablet or smartphone which is distributed NVIDIA Tegra... 

Lost Signal on Your Blackberry

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Lost Signal on Your Blackberry. One that makes us feel annoyed when you suddenly lose your BlackBerry data network or identifies statusbar “sos”. It certainly will disturb. But do not worry, because in every problem has a solution. We try to see the most common problems regarding data on BlackBerry mobile devices in particular. The first thing, if you Lost Signal on Your... 

Maximizing Keyboard Android 4.0

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  Maximizing Keyboard Android 4.0 Maximizing Keyboard Android 4.0. Many are using the latest smartphone operating system Android, but for devices that use the latest operating system Android, the Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich, not much, just the latest devices and the middle and upper class. In addition to the features and the graphics are much better than the version sebalum-sebalumnya, ICS... 

Tips On Changing Name Sender Email on BlackBerry

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This is actually a very simple way as the user’s BlackBerry when sending an e-mail without the sender’s name has not been changed, the recipient will see the sender’s e-mail account is not his real name. For example: xxxxx@, and others. While this is a very simple, but many do not know how to change the name of the sender. Some people referred... 

Smartphone Battery Saving Tips

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“”>If you just bought a smartphone of course you’re curious about anything new from either the BlackBerry, cell phones (mobile phones), Android, or your iPhone. But one thing should be kept in mind, the longer you tamper with, the shorter the battery lasted. When compared with standard cell phone that can... 

How to Block Text Message Spam on Blackberry

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“”> Often you receive mail, PIN messages, SMS alarming? Take it easy. There are simple ways for you is no longer disturbed by the messages of people who do not know. How to: 1. Go to Options, then Security Options, then click Firewall 2. Change the status of being disabled then check Enabled for text messages... 

4 Step Easy Upgrade Android

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Although not yet widely available, but the Android 2ǎ or Froyo can be sampled at a number of mobile phones. Call it the HTC that has been released for Desire. For American region upgrades HTC Froyo utuk Desire was released in August 2010. As for the Asian region In the test this time using the HTC Desire to taste the magic Froyo. The way you need to do to... 

Check for locked or unlocked blackberry

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Some blackberries purchased from BM ato market black market, how do we know whether the item is new atokah resale? ato whether the item is in the locked state ataupu unlocked. The definition here is that the Blackberry is locked is locked by an operator so that we can not use other operators, sesangkan is unlocked Blackberry is free to use any operator. There... 

Instagram Reaches 150 million Photos

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href=””> Instagram Reaches 150 million Photos. To be a world class photographers now no longer need expensive photography school. Simply install Instagram applications on smartphones, then your shot will be as good as a professional photographer. Interesting features that make a lot of interest among... 


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