To Rebound, RIM Courts the Carriers

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OTTAWA — Even though Research in Motion, the maker of BlackBerry devices, has been undermined by Apple’s iPhone and phones using Google’s Android software, the exceptional success of its competitors could provide the foundation of its recovery. Read the original here: target=”_blank” href=”=A2KLOzFEdR5O.1UA6t7_wgt.;X3oDMTByMGhzbjljBHBvcwM1BHNlYwNzcgRjb2xvʌFjNAR2dGlkAw–/SIG=12ut15880/EXP=1310647748/**”... 

One third of iPhone owners believe they already have 4G service

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In the latest study completed by Retrevo, 34 percent of iPhone owners are under the impression that the iPhone 4 and older Apple models are compatible with 4G service. It’s possible this confusion is attributed to the name of the iPhone 4. In addition, 24 percent of Blackberry owners are of the same mindset despite a lack of a 4G alternative from RIM.... 

Evernote update optimizes the Android tablet experience

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A major update to Evernote brings Android tablet optimizations and rich text formatting. View original post here: target=”_blank” href=”=A2KLOzFEdR5O.1UA797_wgt.;X3oDMTBzdmRpc2loBHBvcwMxMARzZWMDc3IEY29sbwNhYzQEdnRpZAM-/SIG=13rifc2mh/EXP=1310647748/**″... 

Chimani Yellowstone Guide for the iPhone Free until July 17

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Download the iPhone app for free or the Android app for only 99 cents until July 17Yarmouth, ME (PRWEB) July 12, 2011 Chimani, LLC announced today it has released its newest app – Chimani Yellowstone National Park – for the iPhone and Android platforms. The Yellowstone app, an indispensable resource for anyone exploring the first national park in the... 

Tech vet trades Thunderbolt for iPhone: ‘driving me crazy’

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A symbolic break in an editorial Monday illustrated a possible backlash against Android. Veteran PhoneDog author Taylor Martin gave up an HTC Thunderbolt for an iPhone 4 after using the Android phone for four months. The Thunderbolt had been “driving me crazy” for three of those months, he said, and it was “time for a break.” Poor battery life couldn’t be... 

TekTrak Unveils Mobile Tracking App for Samsung Android Devices

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Samsung is now offering its Android smartphone customers an exclusive version of TekTrak’s app.Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 11, 2011 TekTrak (, a comprehensive mobile tracking and security app, is now available on Samsung Apps. Samsung is offering its Android smartphone customers an exclusive version of TekTrak’s app. This... 

Bocoran Ponsel Android Terbaru, LG Optimus Pro

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Ini dia ponsel qwerty fisik Android dari LG.? More here: target=”_blank” href=”=A2KLOzJjmiVOqC0ALkv_wgt.;X3oDMTBydTR0dDlpBHBvcwM4BHNlYwNzcgRjb2xvA2FjNAR2dGlkAw–/SIG=12q1raqdb/EXP=1311116003/**” title=”Bocoran Ponsel Android Terbaru, LG Optimus Pro”>Bocoran Ponsel Android Terbaru, LG Optimus Pro VN:F Ώ.9.22_1171]please... 

Is Android Microsoft’s next cash cow?

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This story ran in the print edition of The Seattle Times on July 8, 2011. -Sharon Pian Chan In the hunt for the next billion-dollar business, Microsoft may have discovered one in mobile software. It costs Microsoft nothing to produce and sell, and it’s not Windows Phone. It’s Android, the wildly popular — and free — mobile-phone software made by competitor... 

Galaxy S II a new benchmark smartphone: ABI research

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NEW YORK, USA: This spring, Samsung launched the Galaxy S II, a new flagship member of its Android smartphone lineup. As part of its new Teardown Research Service, ABI Research has dismantled, analyzed, and tested the device down to the component level. The conclusion? Visit link: target=”_blank” href=”_ylt=A2KJ3CXDFj5OrRQAPLT_wgt.;_ylu=X3oDMTBzdmRpc2loBHBvcwMxMARzZWMDc3IEY29sbwNhYzQEdnRpZAM-/SIG=141u7ed3v/EXP=1312720ᖃ/**�/0/”... 

LG Revolution (Verizon), $90

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Wirefly is selling the LG Revolution Android phone for only $90, with free shipping. More here: target=”_blank” href=”=A2KJ3CaLmiVOEBcAXEX_wgt.;X3oDMTBydTR0dDlpBHBvcwM4BHNlYwNzcgRjb2xvA2FjNAR2dGlkAw–/SIG=12cvs441u/EXP=13111񹆫/**” title=”LG Revolution (Verizon), $90″>LG Revolution (Verizon), $90 VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please... 


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