Motorola Xoom update rolling out starting tonight, brings ‘required enhancements’ for Flash 10.2

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“”>In the spirit of issuing software updates with the sole purpose of “”>preparing for more software updates, Motorola says there’s about to be some brand new firmware for the Xoom, which will cross the Ts and... 

New Products iMac 2011 Will Have Wifi Speed ??450 Mbits / s

Posted by on Jun 03, 2017 | 1 Comment

“”>Currently, Apple is preparing a new product line of iMac in mid-2011 and we have received news that was launched by the new iMac product HardMac 2011 where it will have Wi-Fi speeds up to 450 Mbits per second. This feature is similar to what is... 

Olivetti Olipad 100 gets unboxed and handled in italiano (video)

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“”>If the extent of your mastery of the Italian language entails adding an unnecessary “a” after every other word and gesticulating with your hands, like Jen in that episode of The I.T. Crowd, you may not get a lot from the nine minute and 39 second video below. Still, it’s worth at least a quick look. It’s... 

Best Buy knocks Nexus S down to $100 on contract for two weeks only

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“”>Had your eyes on a “”>Nexus S but still haven’t taken the plunge? Then it looks like that indecisiveness has finally paid off, as Best Buy has now knocked a full $100 off the phone for a limited time if you’re signing up for a contract. That’s from today until March 23rd,... 

Apple Officially Launches JointVenture Service

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“”>As we wrote previously, that Apple plans to launch services this service JointVenture and finally officially released by Apple. Recently, Apple has officially launched JointVenture support for small business. This support comes from the Apple store and will be provided by the Apple Genius Bar. This plan... 

10 Shortcut important for Blackberry

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  As a Blackberry user, sometimes we need a shortcut or shortcut to be able to do something more quickly on our blackberries. Lots contained in the Blackberry shortcut, However this time we will give 10 best shortcut used by Blackberry users. 1. Soft Reset To perform a soft reset on a non-touch QWERTY keyboard Blackberry, you can press ALT, Right ShiftDelete... 

Now Has Skype Competitor Coming

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“”>Rebtel is a service instant messaging and video calling has recently been reported to get 10 million users around the world. Of all these users have made use Rebtel service to make video calls over the Internet and use as many as 200 million video calls. Rebtel has been offering free calls to mobile... 

iPhone 4 Get Mobile HotSpot and Safari Features Increase Performance

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“”>AT & T iPhone 4 will get featured Mobile HotSpot of the new functions available on IOS 4.3. This software update also brings improved features and more knierja on Mobile Safari browser available on the IOS device. IOS 4.3 will bring a number of upgrades to the iPhone on the 11th of March, including the functions... 

BlackBerry Playbook vs. HP vs. Apple iPad 2 Touchpad vs Android Tablets

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“”> After the media event held by Apple recently, the stage in 2011, this gadget seems to being set for war between the tablet. Had RIM Blackberry Playbook, Apple iPad 2, HP who once played a Palm will have a touchpad and there are three tablets Android 3.0 will be out also, that Xoom, Optimus Pad and Galaxy... 

Facebook for Blackberry Update

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“”>Facebook for Blackberry has released their latest version, which is up for blackberry v1.9.0.28. Some of the changelog that they do, among others: Improved Email Notification In previous versions if you activate the email notification via the website and then you log out, then the next time... 


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