Samsung Galaxy S 4G review

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“”>It’s only been six months since Samsung launched its highly successful “”>Galaxy S assault upon the US market with a series of carrier customized phones: the “”>Vibrant and “”>Captivate GSM twins for... 

Monaco Blackberry Storm Touch Latest BB successor with 3.7 inch Screen

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“”>Apparently RIM BB producers will produce some new BB in 2011 this. One of the latest BB BlackBerry Monaco Touch which seems to look like the previous leaked images of BB Storm 3. This smartphone is running BlackBerry OS 6.1 on Qualcomm processor 1.2GHz and 768MB RAM. This phone also has a capacitive touch... 

MG game console, gadgets are suitable for children

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MG game console, gadgets suitable for children. Today many game consoles developed by the leading vendors, but in reality few are caring and dedicated gadgets are suitable for children. Not long ago appeared one more gadgets are suitable for children  gaming consoles. Is MG, game consoles is claimed is safe for children with the UI is very easy to operate,... 

RIM Acquisition Acquisition On The QNX Is Best For Year 2010

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As we all know that RIM was planning to market a tablet device BlackBerry Playbook, besides having different form factors, the device also uses QNX operating system therein. RIM has made acquisitions prior to this QNX operating system, formerly known as the QNX operating system Baisa found on computer machines commonly found in luxury cars including a touch screen... 

Samsung has prepared Galaxy S III NTT DoCoMo for Japan region

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Samsung has prepared Galaxy S III  NTT DoCoMo for Japan region. Lately Samsung is being excited to present its latest line of smartphones, after some time ago to introduce Samsung Galaxy S III Mini, Now Samsung re Presenting Samsung Galaxy S III Alpha/ Galaxy S III NTT DoCoMo version, but unfortunately, these devices specifically manufactured for the... 

5 Maybe iPhone Launched At Annual Events Apple WWDC

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“”>CES 2011 has just ended when it emerged a number of rumors about the existence of the Apple iPhone peragkat 5. While the exact release date for the iPhone device 5 has not leaked out. But there parediksi interesting that we can this morning, where the chances are that Apple will launch the iPhone device 5... 

Microsoft ready to launch Windows Phone 8 this month

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Microsoft ready to launch Windows Phone 8 this month. Perhaps this is the month in October a very eagerly awaited by lovers of Microsoft and their products and the latest innovations from Microsoft itself, known in this month Microsoft will launch two products at once, namely Windows 8 for PC  and Windows Phone 8 for smartphone. But before the official news was circulated,... 

ZTE introduced its newest smartphone, the ZTE U985 Grand Era

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ZTE introduced its newest smartphone, the ZTE U985 Grand Era. ZTE has just introduced one of their flagship smartphone the Grand Era U985, ZTE’s latest smartphone was launched at an exhibition PT / EXPO COMM CHINA 2012. Grand Era U985 brings a touch screen measuring 4.5 inch 720p HD tech retina with resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, the camera is equipped... 

ITC: iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad safe from the claims Samsung

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ITC: iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad safe from the claims Samsung. Apple achieved the ‘victory’ in its patent dispute with Samsung. Where known in an earlier decision, a judge at the International Trade Commission (ITC) said that Apple did not violate patents owned by Samsung Electronics as the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Known, in mid 2011lalu, Samsung does... 

LG prepare the first quad-core smartphone

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LG prepare the first quad-core smartphone. Electronics company LG has recently introduced its first quad-core smartphone called the LG Optimus G. This smartphone was first marketed in September, and for the initial launch will start in mainland Japan and South LG prepare the first quad-core smartphone Korea. This smartphone will come carrying a screen of 4.7-inch... 


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