Acro Xperia Introduced in Japan

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“Ꮭ.jpg”>Sony Ericsson (SE) ??brings new Android phones in Japan, with a product called Xperia Acro. What is the difference with Xperia Arc earlier presence in other countries? It makes no difference, because in Japan, Xperia Arc named Acro. As quoted from intomobile, Sunday (08ቡ/2011),... 

BlackBerry Playbook participate Spice William & Kate’s Wedding

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Playbook BlackBerry has just been released by Research in Motion (RIM). No wonder if RIM is promoting large scale Playbook, including by contributing to enliven the event marriage between Prince William and Kate Middleton. British Royal Wedding Crown Prince was received widespread public attention to universal and covered thousands of media. Well, RIM intentionally... 

Nexus S Present in Canada

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“”>Google Tool Nexus S eventually not only popular in the area of the United States, but now this device is present in the region under the auspices Mobilicity Canada. Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin, the handset will be available on the company AWS band, but he also said that other operators... 

Google Maps For Blackberry

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[/caption] Google up dating Google Maps service for Blackberry and add more feature. This Google Maps 4.0 have lots interesting features. You can search a location with your voice, using Google Buzz, etc. Blackberry owner now can search a location with voices. This command can be phrase or address. iPhone already have this feature so Android. Google Map... 

iPhone 4S, most sought-after gadget on this holiday season

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[/caption] What’s the most sought-after gadget this holiday season? If you guessed the iPhone 4S, you’re right on the money. It’s the object of desire for 39% of respondents to a Nov. 11 survey. Following the newest Apple phone was the iPad 2 (wanted by 31% of respondents), the Kindle Fire (wanted by 17%) and Xbox Kinect (13%). Opinion-based social community... 

BlackBerry RIM helping businesses use NFC-enabled phones as building security passes.

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RIM wants highly dependent on your phone , so when you go where you still need and use your mobile phone.  Research in Motion recently revealed it’s focusing on helping businesses use NFC-enabled phones as building security passes.Near field communication (NFC) is poised to transition from a niche technology to one that makes a difference... 

Already Available Adobe Touch App For Android Tablet

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Adobe had introduced the Touch app last October with NEMA collection tool designed to facilitate designers who use Android tablet. And today, the application is finally available for the Android Market, and can be used for those taking tablets with the Android platform Android 3.1 to above. To six tools include Photoshop Touch, Collage and Proto... 

Pertarungan Akhir Tahun, iPad vs Galaxy Tab

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“../wp-content/uploads/2010/12/tab-vs-ipad.jpg”>Jakarta – Invasi tablet PC mulai terasa efeknya di Indonesia. Saat ini ada dua primadona besar yang tengah digandrungi pasar di akhir tahun ini. iPad milik Apple vs Samsung Galaxy Tab. Dibanding iPad dengan layar 9.7 inchnya, Galaxy Tab memang lebih portable dengan ukuran layar hanya sebesar 7 inch (600 x... 

Nokia N9 Ready For Release on

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Nokia smartphone is rumored to be soon launched last MeeGo N9. Although not yet know when to schedule the release of N9 in circulation, the Nokia have confirmed that this smartphone has been shipped and delivered. Nokia claims, since the last announced in June, fans waited smartphone presence of new products. Nokia ̕ itself is designed with a new look,... 

New Intel Processors Prepare for Ultra-Thin Laptop

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“”>Intel has just announced a line of processors ULV (Ultra Low Voltage) Core as a new low voltage versions of Core I3 processor, i5 and С are used in the MacBook and the HP Envy. This new processor is said to improve battery life and efficiency of... 


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