Review the present trend of advanced mobile phones made ??by google nexus one

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The Nexus One. In the fashionable climate of hyped (and over-hyped) smartphone launches, Google’s formalized content into the phone-sales strategy has excelled in a division where umpteen feel exertion: generating authorised joy. Of direction, yearlong before the analyse Linkage One or the recent generousness of pictures and details existed, the very thought of a “Google... 

Dolphin Get investment of $ 10 Million

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MoboTap, a company that makes the Dolphin has managed to obtain an additional investment of $ 10 million from Sequoia Capital and matrix Partners. This funding is related to several projects that will soon be created for a Dolphin like; make the premium version, add employees in San Francisco and Beijing, and made the development of the iOS version. Previous Sequoia Capital... 

RIM Introduces 3 New Webcast

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href=””>Ahead of the big event for Developers, fuel Apps Hackathon, in New York City, RIM has developed a series of three webcasts to help developers design and build applications that utilize social platforms, the new FUEL. You can go to the website of the BBM Apps Hackathon for full... 

Apple iPhone Screen 5 4 Inches Will Be Enhanced

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Apple reported that it will change the next generation iPhone screen size to be 4-inches, this was done to compete with Google Android devices. Component suppliers noted that testing has been done on the production line for Apple’s next generation iPhone, and Apple has expanded the size of a 4-inch screen for supporting the tablet PC market which has now become a vendor... 

HTC Sensation, It is Very Seductive

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HTC has finally released their first Android phone already uses two-core processor, Sensation. This product is not only powerful, but also has an enchanting appearance. Let’s review one by one. Design and Interface Initial grasp of this phone,  enamored with the look of the entire surface, fairly thin but comfortable grip. No doubt a solid impression reinforced by the combination... 

Rumors of Apple iPhone Coming In September 5

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Rumors about the existence of the latest generation of Apple’s iPhone become more frequent. But unfortunately, Steve Jobs still has not announced the existence of this phone at WWDC 2011 that was held yesterday. But now we’ve had a leak! A news site Bloomberg has said that the iPhone genarasi berikuktnya (iPhone 5? Or iPhone 4Gs?) Will be available on the market in September... 

Angry Birds Landing Soon on Facebook

Posted by on Aug 12, 2017 | Leave a Comment썛/06/angrybirdsrio-on-facebook.jpg”>Angry Birds wings even wider. Game with the protagonist of this bird ready visited the world’s most popular networking site, Facebook. The news was delivered by Peter Vesterbacka, Chief Marketing Officer Rovio, a manufacturer Angry Birds. Version up of Angry Birds plan will be rolled... 

Prepare ATnT 12 Type Android Phone This Year

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“”>The existence of Android phone has indeed attracted the attention of all parties, not only for producers but also has become an attraction for the cellular service providers worldwide, including AT & T in America. The plan, AT & T will launch 12 different Android phones this year. According Phandroid site,... 

This is the appearance of the Nokia Mobile Phone Windows 7?

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“냥.jpg”>Future, Nokia, Symbian does not just rely on the telephone as one of its flagship product, allows using Windows 7. Well, this is the design of these phones? Nokia’s first mobile design revealed by Microsoft and Engadget seems quite possible. Still with the typical variety of colors seems to bring... 

Windows 7 Phone Response Privacy Problem, And Location

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It seems almost every platform out there has received attention in connection with their features on the existence of the application site and privacy. Some users surprised when they discover that the 3G iPhone and iPad they have turned out to retrieve detailed information and store locations in existing IOS system, for further information is transferred to the computer... 


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