Leadership Researcher Microsoft Research Turns the Apple Product Users

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Apple is one of Microsoft’s main competitors in the technology market. Even so, ready for the bigwigs would have thought that Microsoft chose to use the product from its competitors? One is the Principal Researcher Danah Boyd of Microsoft Research.

In an interview with Lifehacker quoted from BGR, Danah said he uses the iPhone as its main smartphone. Even so, he admitted that he hates his iPhone. He reasoned that the iPhone is used to perform application testing.

iPhone was not the only Apple product that is used by it. For the computer device, Danah admitted that he had two units of the device, the first is the MacBook Air and the second is a Lenovo computer. Not only that, he also apparently prefer to use a tablet device Kindle Fire from Amazon and compared Surface tablet app Evernote or OneNote application.

Habits like this not be a strange thing at Microsoft, especially when the company led by Steve Ballmer. But in Microsoft’s current leadership has changed hands Satya Nadella. It could be this will soon change. Moreover, some time ago, Microsoft launched a trade-in program to the MacBook Air users to immediately switch to the tablet Surface Pro 3.

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