IPhone 6 Battery Model 5.5 Inch 60% Higher than hers iPhone 5s

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Apple is believed to be currently devote energy to prepare for the new retainer in the realm ofbattery iphone 6

smartphones, continued generation of the iPhone 5 with creating a successor is named the iPhone 6. September or October does not matter, which this year is clear that device will appear to the public.

Not only about the specifications and physical appearance are designed with a new idea, the battery components were not spared from the Apple touch where according to a source quoted JerukNipis of Appleinsider that the iPhone 6 models will get a 4.7-inch 1,800 mAh battery and 5.5 models inch 2,500 mAh.

If the reports are true, then both promoted capacity was the highest of all models of the iPhone has ever seen.

Armed with a battery then the iPhone 6 1,800 4.7-inch models 8% larger than the iPhone 5s, it is presumably because the iPhone 6 has a wider screen and thus require more energy intake as well.

While the 5.5-inch models are certainly the greatest even 60% larger than the old generation of iPhone 5s only 1 year older. No wonder it is, because the iPhone 6 5.5-inch screen has a much more wide.

Bekal large battery is also an effort to compete with Apple’s competitors such as Samsung and Motorola. Samsung Galaxy S5 2800 mAh battery for example bringing the 5.1-inch wide screen. While Moto X armed with 2,200 mAh with 4.7-inch screen.

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