In 2015, a Windows PC Sales Predicted Rate Will Rise Back

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In recent years, the level of sales of Windows-based PCs and notebooks continue to decline. The main reason is to increase the market of smartphones and tablets. However, according to Gartner research institute, the position will change in the coming year. They also predicted that 2015 is the year of revival of the Windows market.

According to a report quoted by PC World, Monday (07/07/2014), a Windows-based device shipments will reach 308 million units. That number will further increase to 317 million units next year. This increase, according to Gartner, occurs because of the many companies that will perform computer upgrades after they no longer use Windows XP.

They also said that businesses would tend to choose Windows 7 compared to Windows 8 at the time wanted to upgrade the computer. By doing so, then in the next few years, Windows 7 will continue to be the world’s most popular operating system. Gartner Research director Ranjit Atwal estimates that this year alone, there were 60 million PC units that will undergo the upgrade process.

In general, this year Gartner predicted that the PC, tablet and smartphone sales will reach 2.4 billion units. This figure increased by 4.2% compared to last year. While specific to the PC segment, there is a decrease of 2.9% compared to last year.

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