Topaz and Opal, made by HP Tablet

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“”>Since acquiring Palm a year ago, Hewlett Packard (HP) will use WebOS platform for computer products, tablets, and smartphones. However, until now not clear when HP will begin pounding the market with such products.

The latest HP has planned a press conference in San Francisco, USA, on 9 February 2011. A number of rumors on the internet predicted that the first tablet Palm tech will likely be introduced during the event.

Engadget technology blog site, named the two models designed tablet that deserves believed to HP. One of them is called Topaz sailing 9 inches, while a smaller sail only 7 inches is called Opal. Topaz is wider than sail also features a front camera, a micro USB port at the bottom, and 1.2 GHz processor.

There has been no official schedule will be released when the two devices to the market. However, the info circulating Opal to be launched with Verizon service in the U.S. in September and next year with AT & T. Meanwhile, Topaz may be present first. However, once again it all still a rumor. Like what form of tablets made by HP’s wait his debut.

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