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“” mce_””>Penchant for listening to music is a positive thing. Music can indeed bring our mood became cheerful again when we are in a state long. Habit of listening to music of course is no longer limited by place and time. You can now listen to music anywhere even when you are traveling. Various devices that bundle music in it right now more and more. Likewise with such a device the headset, it certainly can be accessories that are not just for listening to music alone, but also can strengthen your life style. Maybe when you’re cool to listen to music from your phone, sometimes you get annoyed with the presence of the headset cable. Do not want to bother anymore about it?

Now present the answer by using Smalltalk Mini bluetooth headset which is produced by MobileFun. From the name alone, surely you can already guess that this device is very small in size, even a single headset is also claimed as a bluetooth headset terimut worldwide. Wow!

Because of its size is so small and cute, Smalltalk Mini weighs only 6gram only. In addition, specially designed and supports Bluetooth 2.1 and Multipoint technology which can connect the device with two phones at once in the same time.

Mini Smalltalk is reportedly able to survive for 3 hours of usage time and last for 100 hours of standby time. By using this headset, you offered too easy recharging process re-use the USB cable or directly from the charger adapter in your car.

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