OlivePad targeting The Student Tablet

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“http://gadgetsmartphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ssx.jpg”>OlivePad, yes that name might sound familiar to some of you, OlivePad is an artificial product tablet device manufacturers from India.

OlivePad has a 7 inch screen and use the Android operating system Froyo, which slightly differentiate from other tablet product is marketed to markets that OlivePad students as users.

To support this marketing, the device made by Harier OlivePad has been working with Jatis and Ministry of Education to fill some educational content in it so that the device is more suitable for students dna could be used as a reading device electronic book (eBook) with appropriate educational materials curriculum in Indonesia.

Also OlivePad device can also be used to access the Internet, reading digital newspaper content as well as other eBooks include play ultimedia files such as music and movies and displays photos and graphics.

The plan of this tablet device will be sold at a price of Rp. 4.6 million with unlimited Internet package from Telkomsel that can be enjoyed for six months, an attractive offer considering if you see a similar product price is more than the price offered by these OlivePad.

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