Nokia Cancel Launch X7 In America

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“”>Site of The Wall Street Journal reported that Nokia has taken action unprecedented in the last minute, where Nokia has canceled the launch Nokia X7 in the United States.

Your Nokia X7 is scheduled to be a big announcement with AT & T as an exclusive partner in the Mobile World Congress in February next. It’s not just the news about Nokia, but the X7 has become the first to be launched in the U.S. exclusively from ex-Microsoft executive Stephen Elop took control of the company Nokia which began to waver.

Sources say that Nokia decided to pull the device out of fear that it ponsle will not get subsidies from AT & T. This is like what happened with the Nokia N8 which only became mobile modem only, and no support from the service untunk devices sold in America, even though the phone has a penta-band UMTS radio versatile.

It could be that Nokia is only a matter of time until the next show as a platform MeeGo new platfomr provide fresh air to the user. Because maybe all this time oramg have seen Symbian too clunky and old-fashioned, especially by many in the industry. Even if Nokia has a plan, the U.S. market will not wait forever. IOS and Android already claimed that they have very many users market.

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