Confirm the existence of fuel RIM Social Platform SDK

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“”>Last week, DEVCON Asia was held in Bali, Indonesia, there are many things being discussed by Research In Motion (RIM) for the platform on the BlackBerry smartphone.

Among them is the existence of the BlackBerry platform 6.1 including OpenGL ES 2.0, support for Digital Compass (which memungkinakan use Augmented Reality applications), the location and the new user interface API.

RIM has also been providing the latest information about fuel services Social Platform. that has entered phase 1 which SDK will be available in the first quarter of 2011 this. And when RIM announced this, they say that the Social Platform of fuel will be present at the “Spring 2011” and that means that it will begin on March 20, until the end of March.

When the application of fuel is introduced in the Social Platform DEVCON Asia last week, all very interested and they are impatient to wait for further developments with this platform which lets developers create applications utuk devoted to social networking services and also can be applied any chat.

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