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“”>Internet connection settings and the Samsung C6625 Samsung C6625 modem settings. For this time the information is about how to setup email accounts on your smartphone Samsung Valencia, so we can more easily and more quickly in accessing email.

Samsung C6625 provide facilities in the email settings, that is, if we have an email account on webmail server that supports PỌ, we will be assisted to set up automatic email us. To be more clear following the steps, in this example I use in Email accounts that provide PỌ.

First we go to the Messaging menu and select New Email Account.

Enter our email address on the email address, fill in well and Password (to speed up the access email, check the Save password). Because I use my existing email account commonly used and supports POP3, then automatically detects the smartphone Samsung Valencia.

Then we just follow the next process by clicking Next. Enter your name in Your name as our identity in email accounts, and name the email account on the Account display name (your account name here will appear in the Messaging menu.) The last part is to determine when an automatic email check, if we choose Every two hours, then every 2 hours once a smartphone we will do an internet connection to check email, select Manual if we want to check email manually as we want.

Setting the above email is for email accounts that have been common, examples such as a Gmail account which also provides the facility POP3. For a special email account (special here is the email account associated with a particular domain that are not used in general and supports POP3) have slightly different steps.

After entering your email address, unlike previous measures, which e-mail settings automatically detected by the smartphone Samsung Valencia. Here will appear the option Try toget e-mail settings automatically from the Internet, I tried mencetangnya and proceed to the next setting process always fails, because the parameters of different e-mail settings (according to each server, in the example here server .) For that I remove the check on these options, and proceed manually by clicking Next.

At Your choice of email provider, I select Custom domain, and then I fill it with domain.

Next I enter the name as the identity of the Email, and the Account display name of that function the same as the first e-mail settings ( above. Signed in the next step, I enter the Incoming mail server (for this information can be asked to manage the server), including an account type (POP3, SMTP), then enter your Username, Password, and last Outgoing (SMTP) mail server (this information can also ask your manager server).

The next step the same as the previous e-mail settings, ie we determine the time of check email.

Up here the email account settings on the Samsung C6625 smartphone already finished, and now we can access our email accounts more easily fast through the Messaging menu. Before we use it, it’s good we are also setting an additional check of our email accounts that we can access through the Menu button and then select Settings, here will have the option Edit. Account Setup for editing the email that we have made above, Send / Receive Schedule a set time to do a check and send email and download messages to set up email that we download based on time of receipt (From the past 3 days means we only download emails enter the last 3 days), if we go into the Advanced Settings option will be shown when sending and checking emails immediately when we click Send (Send / receive Pls I click Send), another setting that is about the deletion message (When deleting messages), whether to be included to the Trash (trash) or will delete other messages stored on the main server.

Another setting that is the option Download Size Settings, here we will set the email format (HTML or plain text), of which we will email the file download (Message download limit), and the choice of downloading attachments (Download Attachment). If large email files larger than the limit of our setup, then automatically email will be cut and we will be given the option to download the contents of email as a whole at the end of the content of email we receive.

was that information about how to setup email on a smartphone Samsung GT C6625 Valencia that uses the operating system Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard. For other smartphones that use the same operating system, there is the possibility of the steps are the same as the steps above.

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