Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

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“”>Today many smartphones in circulation in our country. Certainly familiar to our ears hear the words of BB or iPhone. Almost all the people vying to have a smartphone, but do we really need the facilities of the smartphone (requirement) or just simply follow the times (lifestyle)? How to tips on choosing the right smartphone for you?
Smartphone itself is actually a mobile phone provided additional features that impressed into the phone “smart”. Here are tips for choosing a smartphone:

* Network
We know there are two types of networks that use the GSM and CDMA. The GSM network is known for its broad coverage area and easy to carry out of town, known for its CDMA network, while cheap rates. Well, now living pulse of our needs if it is not an obstacle you can select the GSM network. However, if you use it only in certain areas / no tendency to move around the city of CDMA can also be an alternative

* Operating System
There are several operating systems on the market of smartphones: Windows Mobile, Google Android, Linux, Symbian, IOS (belonging to the iPhone), Palm, and BlackBerry. Each has advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs of users. Google Android is a smartphone operating system that is booming right now. Android itself is a Linux kernel based operating system for mobile phones, Android has the advantage of multimedia features and has a myriad of applications in the Android market. iOS4 owned the iPhone is almost the same with Android that offer a variety of applications and advantages of multimedia features. However, the operating system iOS4 exist only on the iPhone, while Android (because it is the operating system that is open-source) can be in many brands of smartphones. BlackBerry OS is the operating system that is used only on BlackBerry phones, which can connect to the server e-mail and BlackBerry’s special chat server. Thus, BB is known by its superiority in terms of social networking sites such as chat, email, etc.. Meanwhile, if you frequently use products like Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office, then you can choose the device with Windows Mobile operating system.

* Speed Data Transfer
Data speed (download / upload) is a major requirement if you often interact with the world of the Internet to retrieve data or email / chat. Some smartphones already support 3G or HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Package Access) or known as 3.5G. While in the CDMA network known as EVDO. The order from the slowest to the fastest (GSM) is: GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G (HSDPA).

* WiFi
This facility can be taken into consideration for those who often are in the hotspot region free, so no need to spend the credits alone: D.
* Keypad Qwerty / Touchscreen
Sure smartphone which has a keypad would be more convenient to use for those not used to use full touchscreen phone. However, consider also that some brands have been providing a Qwerty keypad that slides into the side of the phone when you want to use it.

* Memory
Note also the internal and external memory capacity, supported. Especially if you’re going to need a large enough capacity to store data.

* Screen Size / Display
For those who already have enough with a small display may not be too concerned about this. However, if you need a large display you can consider to buy a touchscreen phone that average has a large display (approx. 3 “).

* Application Support
For those of you who like to install the application, you may want to look back support of the application from the phone you choose. Maybe for those who frequently edit Office documents will require a kind of microsoft office applications. However, for those who frequent chat / send email will need more chat or email client application.

* After Sales Service
If memebeli a certain brand of mobile phone make sure you buy through a distributor who has a clear-sales service. Thorough re-service, warranty, etc..

* The last: try to go back and check market price, then ask yourself whether the price is reasonable smartphone with features and makes sense to you?

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