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“”>In the era of the all modern and sophisticated this who does not know the smartphone or PDA phone, nearly most of the world community has to replace their cell phone with a smartphone or PDA phone. But still there are still some among the people who still use regular cell phones, because they only require the basic functions of a phone that is calling and sending short messages.

But with time and technological development so rapidly, people increasingly consider the importance of having a smartphone or PDA phone. Where is the function of these gadgets are not solely for communication only, but also as a status symbol. Consciously or not now people assess the status of a person by looking at the dipergunakannya gadged, especially in the business world. So if you’re still using a mobile phone as a communication tool, it would be better if you replace it with a smartphone or PDA phone. But before you replace your phone with a smartphone or PDA phone, you need to know some basic tips below to select your smartphone or PDA phone is right for you to use.

First set the cellular network that you will use, GSM or CDMA. The GSM network is more flexible because it can be used either domestically or overseas by buying a prepaid card and you also can use the roaming network from your mobile operator. While for CDMA only for domestic only. Therefore, if you frequently travel abroad or outside the city choose a GSM network.

Next is the operating system or Operating System (OS). We have available a variety of operating systems (operating system) for smartphones including Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, Linux, Palm OS, and BlackBerry. Almost all operating systems can perform basic functions such as telephone, e-mail, web, and SMS / MMS. But there are some specifics, such as the BlackBerry is able to connect to the server e-mail and BlackBerry’s special chat server. For the time being (the BlackBerry 9700 is a smartphone with the most complete functions, because this handset has 3G HSPDA data speed. The speed of this data is also an important thing you need to know about the smartphone that you select. Smartphone with 3G data speeds are also commonly referred to as 3G phone.

A few tips on choosing a smartphone and PDA phone first part, hopefully these tips useful for your lack of understanding about the smartphone.

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