Smart Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

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“”>The world of telecommunications continues to grow and mobile aka cellular phone type smartphone is now a trend that seems to no death. Various kinds and types are offered in the market. So as not to confused and erroneous in determining the choice, the following described some tips before buying a smartphone.

These tips may not be too meaningful to consumers who have long used it. However, for the ‘newbies’ who just know and use this technology, it is worth considering a few things that you do not miscast.

1. Operating System
First write down your needs and determine the operating system (OS) operating system alias that suits your needs. There are various options smartphone OS, like Windows, BlackBerry, Linux Mobile, Android, and Palm OS. Every OS has its own advantages so that the need is confirmed, the function of what is right for you.

2. Mobile Carriers

Consider the cellular network that you will use. Currently, some producers choose to work with multiple operators through a system alias packet bundling. Consider the quality of the network of mobile operators as well as rates offered.

3. Download Speed
One that should be considered in selecting the smartphone is a download speed or the speed of data retrieval, especially for those who often take the data on the Internet and doing e-mail delivery. Some smartphone offers data speeds by utilizing GPRS, EDGE, 3G, up to HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Package Access).

4. Keypad

Some smartphones are equipped with a QWERTY keypad that its structure resembles the composition of letters on the computer keyboard. But there is also a smartphone that is still using the numeric keypad. Consider your needs, if you frequently type using your smartphone, then you are more appropriate to use the QWERTY keypad.

5. Connectivity

Research first, whether you want to buy a smartphone that has a connection to other devices such as Bluetooth or data cable. It will facilitate you in transferring data to your computer.

6. Memory

Make sure the amount of memory available to suit your needs. It would be better if the smartphone has an external memory slot so you can add memory capacity as needed

7. Screen
Screen size is also a separate consideration for choosing a smartphone. Large screen sizes that will help you in working on documents.

8. Applications

Verify whether existing applications in your smartphone is already meets your needs. Good for document processing applications, push e-mail, as well as entertainment applications.

9. Battery Life
Consider the battery life, good talk time and battery life when used to listen to music and play video, or for other entertainment purposes.

10. Guarantee

Make sure you buy a smartphone through a distributor who has the after sales service is clear and there in your town. Also, make sure the product you buy has a warranty.

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