First Super phone Can Floating In Water

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“”>A company managed to make a phone that will not be damaged if immersed in water long. In fact, this device is the first phone that can float on water.

Manufacturers of mobile phone makers such claim if the device can still be used to communicate well, though has been submerged in the water.

Mobile phones with this Tradesman canopy is successor of its predecessor named Toughphone.

The design shows the phone is immune to rough blow. Alternatively, mobile phones are perfect for those who are active and have a lifestyle outside the room and did not want to bring smartphones while mountain climbing.

The company named Data Select was developed this phone with another company, JCB.

Besides been tested floats on the water for more than six hours, this phone is also not easily damaged and are still operating despite having been dragged by a vehicle with a distance of 120mph, or buried in debris weighing two tons.

“Tradesman is a phone that is suitable for outdoor workers, who often berjibaku with rain, sailing, mountain biking, or skiing. The design is sturdy enough to be destroyed,

After introducing this phone, the Select Data directly obtain approximately 4000 orders. Previously, approximately 50,000 units sold Toughphone successful.

“We did see a pretty big interest towards smartphones today. But if you are an outdoor worker and work in an environment that ‘hard’ it is not suitable for your smartphone,

The phone is priced around 70 euros and only marketed in several countries in Europe.

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