Palm m500 – Handheld – Palm OS 4.0 – MC68VZ328 33 MHz – RAM: 8 MB – ROM: 4 MB monochrome

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Product Description
Looking for a handheld that grows along with your needs? The Palm m500 Handheld is designed with an expansion slot that allows you to easily add memory, back up data, and take advantage of a variety of applications without sacrificing memory space. You can also use the Palm Universal Connector to add a portable keyboard, camera, or wireless modem to your handheld.Based on the award-winning Palm V handheld, the Palm m500 handheld features a sleek design and small size. For something so compact, it’s loaded with powerful features, including mobile connectivity software that lets you access the Internet and sends e-mail through your modem or data-enabled cell phone. Bundled productivity and business software help … “Ǵ%26linkCode%3Dxm2%26camp%3D2025%26creative%3D165953ຎcreativeASIN%3DB00008KYRT” rel=”nofollow”>More >>

“ǨKYRT” title=”Palm m500 – Handheld – Palm OS 4.0 – MC68VZ328 33 MHz – RAM: 8 MB – ROM: 4 MB monochrome ” rel=”nofollow”>Palm m500 – Handheld – Palm OS 4.0 – MC68VZ328 33 MHz – RAM: 8 MB – ROM: 4 MB monochrome

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