Motorola Q9c Smartphone Video Review Part 2 Verizon

Posted by on Aug 10, 2019 | 25 Comments

Part 2 video review of Motorola Q9c Smartphone for Verizon Wireless. Featuring Spectec’s mini Wifi Card. Update 2/8/10: Since I am getting many questions regarding the purchasing of the Wifi Card, I thought I would add a few things. The Wifi cards are becoming increasingly more expensive, and more difficult to find. However, I you do find one, they work great! They are generally between $40 and $55. I will provide a link below, which is the site where I bought mine. You also can use “Google” to find sellers. I am also being asked about instructions and drivers to install the card on the phone. If you purchase the card from a reputable seller, it should come with a Mini CD-ROM. This will contain instructions and a driver. If you do not have much experiance with computers and/or Smartphones, please do not attempt to install it. Some of the changes (file extraction, moving, etc.) that are needed to make the card work, can cause harm to your computer, if you don’t know what your doing. Please email me if you have anymore questions. Thank you. Link. Update: 4/10 Note: The phone in this video is availible for sale on Ebay. It does include the Wifi card, and all the neccessary drivers will come pre-installed. I am letting it go because I no longer need a smartphone for my new job. Please click the link to view the auction:

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