This is an Additional Feature on the iPhone 4G

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“”>The last few days quite a lot of rumors about the iPhone, in connection with plans to roll out Apple WWDC񎧚 next week. But the big news that came today is the iPhone 4G will be packed with video chat capabilities.

Sites Engadget have discovered a number of people saw the Apple commercial advertising work processes, which have been notified that they saw a mother and daughter chat in the iPhone 4G.

We have long heard rumors that the latest iPhone will bring the function like this, although we still do not understand why the Apple thinks it will make a success of a technology in which no one interested.

But it seems to be the wrong thing, other news that iPhone 3G is likely to experience a price cut before the introduction of a new product the iPhone on June 7, not just Walmart that has slashed the price of an extreme in the United States from $ 199 to just $ 97, but reports that comes that the iPhone 3G no longer be sold.

It can be seen from the Apple stores have removed the buy for your phone model, and the BGR reports that the store AT & T in the U.S. does not accept any shipments longer than this model, although there are several variations and colors that less and less, considering that most of what remains of the update iPhone OS 4.0 makes it quite logical, all point to the new iPhone will be released soon.

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