LG GW990, the First Mobile Phone with Atom Processor

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“http://gadgetsmartphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/lg-gw990.jpg”>Intel on Thursday demonstrated the first smartphone based on the upcoming Moorestown platform for mobile devices.

GW990 LG smartphone will be made by LG Electronics and shipped in the second half of this year, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said during a speech at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This is the first device was launched based on Moorestown, chip platforms based on Intel Atom processor targeted at the smartphone and mobile Internet devices.

Smartphone has a 5-inch screen that can play back high-definition 720p video. The display supports multitouch input and including a camera on the front and rear. The phone runs Linux-based Moblin operating system OS.

Motorola said last year that its product will be adopted datanga Moorestown platform for mobile devices, although it did not provide further details. other device makers like Nokia have adopted the Moorestown platform, but have not announced their product today.

This smartphone will be able to run multiple applications at once. During demonstrations on the stage, the phone plays high-definition video and calendar applications running at the same time. Applications such as multipoint video conferencing will also be possible through this device.

Moorestown Platform draw up to half the power in active mode and use up to 50 times less power in standby mode compared to its predecessor, the company said.

This platform includes an efficient version of its Atom processor, code-named Lincroft, which is paired with a chipset called Langwell. Intel explains Lincroft as a system of on-chip (SoC) with 3D graphics accelerator, integrated memory controller and other components in a single chip.

Moorestown provide the computing power required to bring PC functionality to the smartphone, said Otellini. Moorestown is a follow-up of the current Menlow platform, which go into products such as mobile Internet devices.

“It’s smaller, faster and better than what we did before,” said Otellini.

Atom chip was originally introduced in 2008, and was instrumental in spawning a new category of devices called netbooks. During his speech, Otellini also announced its first netbook application download store, called beta AppUp Center, which is part of the program developer Atom.

PC makers including Acer, Asus, Dell and Samsung is committed to develop applications based on AppUp Center, said Otellini. Store application can be launched at the end of the quarter and will be accessible via PC netbook makers.

Application program developers have won netbook broad support, said Otellini. This program has close to 3000 members and a software development kit has been downloaded 25 000 times.

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