HTC Desire and HTC Legend get the Firmware Update

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“”>For users of  HTC Desire  and HTC Legend and will get a firmware update. Like the long-awaited Android users, hoping to get updates Froyo 01.02

But it turns out to HTC Legend and Desire is only bugsfixes contained in firmware 2.1 eclair. HTC will provide updates through OTA. Update was only for 4MB. It’s certainly not a Froyo Update to 2.2. Update not informed what the changes meant and what the fix bugs. As quoted from Unwired, XDA Developers believe that the changes contained in the new radio images, the ability for applications HQ option in Youtube, and facebook to fix the troubled contacts.

For HTC Legend as I can update now via OTA. For HTC Desire seems to have not existed until now. Desire For HTC users should be patient.

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