High Density Screen Protectors Pre-Cut for Blackberry Storm 2 9550

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Blackberry Screen Protector

The Blackberry Storm2 9550 has a beautiful display screen – wouldn’t it be a shame to ruin it with a bunch of scratches? Apply one of these pre-cut Blackberry Storm2 high density screen protectors and worry no more. Your Blackberry mobile phone’s screen will keep it’s brand new look.

Our High Density line of products represent the very best available mobile device screen protection.

Easy to apply and remove, the ultra-thin PET film overlays reduce glare while providing protection for your device’s screen from scratches and other daily abuse. High Density screen protectors with adhesive are custom cut and designed to fit and can be applied to most non-porous device screens.

Each package of Blackberry Storm2 High Density ScreenGuardz contains 1 individual transparent PET screen overlays, a squeegee card, and cleaning cloth.


  • Laser cut to the exact dimesions of the Blackberry Storm2 display screen
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Keeps your Blackberry’s screen looking new

Compatibility: Blackberry Storm2 9550

Source : www.extremepda.com

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