Changing icons on the BlackBerry e-mail

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“”>If you’re bored with your e-mail icon on the BlackBerry, now you can replace it yourself with your favorite icon.

BlackBerry icon in replaceable at a time when we’re tired. But first, prepare the first icon format replacement. Png. Then shape the size of your BlackBerry device.

-. Icon size for the BlackBerry Bold and Javelin are 80-80, Storm 73-73, while for the Curve 8310 and 8320 sizes 48-36.

-. Find the email UID (User email id which is used to show the folder icon email which will be replaced).
To view the email UID: options + advanced options + service + see the email address book – view see the UID.

Sample UID: GBISXAPC00S * 2009 *

-. To help us create a folder, each email UID remember the last two digits in the UID.

-. BbFileScout Open, locate the desired icon is stored in the media, you can. Png or. Jpg, provided that the size fits. Copy (store ‘icon’ on the stack).

-. Then paste. Png is to store / appdata / rim / BDA / icon /. Create a new folder for each UID email, for example: GBISXAPC00⁵. Adjusted for the number of folders with the UID number of emails that will be replaced iconnya. (Copy ‘. Png’ to GBISXAPC00S09).

-. Change the name (rename) UID difolder icon dipaste had become 1-80-80 for Bold and Javelin. To rename a Curve 83xx 1-48-36, 1-73-73 Storm. (Figure 1 used to display icon) 80-80, 48-36, 73-73 is the appropriate size of the BlackBerry e-mail icon is used.

If you do not already have an application filescout please download here: (BBFileScout have version and has been renamed to FileScout)
OTA Link: “” target=”_blank”>

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