Amazon Plans to Release a New Version of Kindle in August

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“”> Inc. is the world’s largest online store plans to introduce the latest version of the product with the best-selling number one on the site, e-book reader Kindle in August 2010, according to two people who are responsible plan.

This device will be thinner and have a more responsive screen with sharper images, one said do not want to be identified because the plan was not to the public, the new Kindle will not include a touch screen or color.

Amazon introduced the Kindle own party in 2007, faces competition from Apple gadgets champion iPad phenomenal product through a tablet device that allows users to access the web, watch videos and read digital books.

The company is also facing new challenges from Sony Corp., which introduced the e-reader sail touch the end of last year.

Sony cleverly menambahlan service that allows users to download their favorite books nirkable, equating mainstay feature of the Kindle.

Craig Berman, spokesman for Seattle-based, not to reply back to requests for comment.

Shares of fell $ 1.24 to $ 125.46 yesterday in Nasdaq Stock Market, shares have declined 6.7 percent this year.

Meanwhile, CEO Jeff Bezos said the company was concentrating on this week to persuade readers that the book is committed and the display color is “some way out” “I account after seeing some things in the lab, but this is not yet ready for prime-time production of” clear Bezos on May 25 last at the annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

Kindle uses a black screen that mimics the appearance of white paper, in its latest version will have a sharp contrast that makes the e-book is more like the original book, the delay in the turn of the page will also be shortened. While iPad using full color LCD.

Approximately 6 million e-reader will be sold this year, up about 3 million from a year ago based Forrester Research Inc. report, with the Kindle at 60% in the U.S. market, followed by Sony with 35%, the Amazon earlier this year bought a company known as Touchco who has special expertise in touch screen technology.

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