Wow! Elop slamming iPhone

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Nokia’S CEO, Stephen Elop, the apparent dislike of the iPhone, and Elop slamming iPhone on look in the event one of the private TV talk show. In fact, he did not hesitate to slam Apple’s vaunted smartphones.

The look in the event one of the private TV talk show incident took place in a television show in Finland, Nokia’s country of origin. Initially, the interviewer kept asking about the existence of the smartphone Elop Lumia 928, dirumorkan will be released by Nokia.

However, Elop said did not know anything about reserved Lumia 928. Instead he issued a Lumia 620, Windows Phones cheap Nokia has just been marketed in Finland.

The interviewers also looked disappointed and suddenly pulled out of his pocket iPhone. He declared the iPhone so that it does not want any Elop asked him.

“I can take care of him for you,” said Elop. However, he suddenly threw the iPhone. A cry when the iPhone ‘ unfortunate ‘ fell on the floor.

Oddly enough, the reporter did not seem angry. Instead he asked for smartphone Nokia’s Elop disanggupi. It is unknown whether all these scenes spontaneously or was designed before. so Elop slamming iPhone look in the event one of the private TV talk show This is the first time.

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