Tips: if your phone affected by the water

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Puddle appears in various places, and phone affected by the water is probably. At a time like this, or when it is busy moving furniture in the House that the entry of water or when driving on roads, brought in daily cellphone exposure prone air or even dipped into it.Well, what to do when phone affected by the water happens? In the following steps.

1. Take the phone out of the water immediatelyeven though it looks sealed, phone affected by the water water can penetrate easily into the phone in a very short time. The difference between a few seconds can determine your gadgets dying. Therefore, remove the phone from the water as soon as possible and then directly switches off to prevent electrocution (short circuit current). Do not turn on the first first dried.

2. do not attempt to take a cell phone to be awash in charge and electrical plugs connected tothe reason, electricity can still be turned on and able to flow the water around cell phones. The intention to save mobile phone, rather than the soul itself could be threatened. Turn off the flow of electricity the House first and then ask for professional help.When the phone fell into water while not connected to electrical plugs, please read the next step.

3. immediately pat dry with a towel or cloth cell phone, then all its the battery cover in its place andthis is one of the most important steps. Most of the electronic components in mobile phones can survive even if exposed to water, as long as there is no power from the battery. To check for water damage, make sure that the corner-to-corner around the battery in place there is a circle or a small white box, with or without the red line.If the colour is not white but turns pink or red, it means that there is damage caused by water infiltration.Quickly read the manual if you don’t know how to remove the battery.

4. remove the SIM card and memory carddata stored on the SIM card or the memory is sometimes more important than his own. Therefore, although both of these components are relatively waterproof, it is recommended that you remove immediately to prevent things that are undesirable, as the corrosion on the contacts that are made of metal.Then, immediately wipe off the SIM card and memory, don’t put once again, before the phone is completely dry.

5. disconnect all accessories such as headphones and casingaccessories may contain water so as to make it difficult for the drying process. Overall immediately after the phone is removed from the water.

6. repeat the cellular firm drying with towelsthis time, try to be more thorough than the first attempt. As much water from the outside and in a cell phone (slot) and how to rub it slowly wears a towel.Don’t wave your phone in water it does not move to it. Keep that position your phone doesn’t change if drained. Note the towel so as not to get caught between the surface of the phone.Clean the inside of a cell phone with alcohol can help remove the water.

7. use the vacuum (vacuum cleaner)to drain the water inside the cell, use the vacuum cleaner if any. Turn it on and point to each section that is wet for about 20 minutes. Not bergantianlah mal, grabbed hold of it with others. wikihow. comMetode this can dry out a cell phone quickly so it can be lit as soon as the short half an hour when the phone tercelup only briefly in water.Do not drive over a vacuum cleaner too close to the telephone because this tool generates static electricity that is even more dangerous for mobile phones compared to water though.Do not use a hair dryer (a hair dryer) or whatever it is that wind is blowing to dry out a cell phone, even if it is set to “cool” position. These instruments could push water and humidity further into phones so that potentially aggravate the damage.

8. use of water absorbent material to dry out a cell phonelot available example is rice. Insert the phone the rice and leave overnight or more lama.wikihow.comBahan is more effective is the silica gel or other moisture absorbing. Enter your phone with silica gel in a sealed container.To make it more effective, each cell cycle position a couple of hours once the water is trapped inside can drain through the Fund.

9. remove the handset and place it over the towel, handkerchiefs or other tissues.If it turns out that there was still moisture in a towel or handkerchief, repeat the drying with vacuum cleaner and next steps.After trying the maximum and wait at least 24 hours, now is the time to try to turn on your mobile phone.Check each of the phones to make sure that the device in question is completely dry. Then, connect the battery at posnel, turn it on and see if the phone works normally.If the phone is completely dry, but doesn’t want to light up, try connecting a charger. If your mobile phone can be lit in this way, it is probable that the battery is damaged and needs to be replaced.

10. If you still can not be turned on, take him to the location of mobile phone servicing professionalsdo not attempt to disassemble the phone without the help of professionals. Are potentially exposed to harmful chemicals from your telephone or utilities stung.When the phone is switched on but it doesn’t work normally, there is a possibility of corrosion occurred because of the water that was left behind. Disconnect all batteries and accessories and then try to rear exhaust canisters and clean contacts.

Above a few tips on dealing phone affected by the water, may be useful.


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