PlayStation 4 will feature an LCD screen controller?

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Sony has already given the signal that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) will be featured in the near future. While waiting for certainty, a number of issues surrounding this popular game console continues to turn.

More recently, Japan’s companies reportedly will abandon the concept of the dualshock controller for PlayStation 4 him. Instead, the tools to play the PlayStation 4 will be embedded with LCD screen.

Yes, as mentioned by NeoWin, Mon (1/21/2013), in the center of the console control instruments could be paired LCD screen that could be integrated with the game.

Similar to Nintendo Wii U? Maybe, but it looks like the LCD screen that carried shall not exceed the crime that Nintendo. Hiroshi Sakamoto as Senior Deputy General Manager of Sony Home Entertainment had previously indicated would be announcing something big in may, which was probably the PlayStation 4.

PlayStation 4 will naturally coupled with the latest technology. In fact, the PlayStation 4 will wear the technology that makes the game can be played only on a console games only.

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