NVIDIA Tablet and NVIDIA Smartphone began visible green light

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NVIDIA, the company is better known through the graphics device and chipset, prepare the product mentioned and their first NVIDIA Tablet and NVIDIA Smartphone. Really?

NVIDIA is known to have an interest in penetrating the market for smartphones and Tablet with Tegra chipset that have developed them for the results is quite successful.

After passing his driver chipset, NVIDIA seems to have a more concrete plan for next year, namely the productions NVIDIA Tablet and NVIDIA Smartphone of their own.

But it seems that NVIDIA has no plans to use its own brand to smartphones and tablets. Engadget has reported, most likely will make the reference NVIDIA design, with the help of another manufacturer to make an affordable device, NVIDIA Tablet and NVIDIA Smartphone. So that third parties will be able to sell it under their brand.

However, this will provide an opportunity for NVIDIA be able to control the characteristics and performances of the device and ensure that the resulting products will still have a high quality on NVIDIA Tablet and NVIDIA Smartphone.

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