Nokia PureView Windows phone aka EOS will use 41 MP sensor cameras

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Nokia was horrendous worldwide smartphone in 2012. At that time, the company of origin that Finland has launched a Symbian based phone equipped with a camera image sensor 44 Megapixel, 808 Pureview. until now, the megapixel camera sensor 41 unfortunately still not applied to cell phones Nokia mobile phone. People began to ask, when Nokia is going to do it.

This question seems to be immediately answered. According to a source of The Verge technology site, current Nokia are planning mobile Windows Phone PureView. Yes, it is more likely that Nokia will launch its latest series of Lumia with image sensor.

This latest series of Lumia still do not have an official name. However, it should be noted that the product has the code name EOS.EOS preached later going into the high-end series of Lumia, parallel to the top moment of the series, Lumia 920. Additionally, the Nokia PureView Windows phone EOS will not use polycarbonate material that is widely used in the series of Lumia. Nokia prefer to wrap Nokia PureView Windows phone with the aluminum casing.

Aluminum materials also seems to be in polycarbonate material began to replace the series high-end Lumia. Such materials will also be used for the next set of Nokia Lumia 920. until now, this news is thrown, the representative of Nokia hasn’t commented on entries.

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