Facebook testing an applications that has features similar to SnapChat

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Facebook is being tested an application that has features similar to SnapChat. An application which can deliver content to an user.

SnapChat no permanent self is an instant messaging application on the iOS (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) which could send the picture is not permanent. Let’s say you send photos to friends via SnapChat and photos will ‘disappear after the recipient ini.

Setting see photos of her can be arranged in a matter of seconds or minutes. Photos are automatically ‘lost after seen how many seconds or minutes in accordance with the wishes written pengirim.

AllThingsD Jiak Facebook will release this feature in the coming weeks. Maybe Facebook will launch before the end of what was meant tahun.

Lantas Facebook create features that resemble SnapChat? Maybe FB users want to add privacy-related konten.Misalkan only those features will be integrated into the Facebook Messenger. If users send images to other users who are privacy, the image will disappear on its own after the recipient see photos ini.

Facebook few weeks this is very serious work on a mobile platform. Last week they were even rumored to be acquiring WhatsApp Messenger.Terkait with other Facebook applications, FB actually has its own messenger application. Call it the Facebook Messenger. Pun also for image processing applications, Facebook also has a Facebook Camera.

For you who want to try SnapChat in iOS application, please download at the link below.

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