14 advanced features Samsung Galaxy 2 S4

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Galaxy S4 officially revealed to exist and its specs from Samsung with a design that is identical to its predecessor and is referred to as the most powerful Android smartphone in the world today with more advanced features Samsung Galaxy 2 S4. What are the characteristics of advanced features Samsung Galaxy 2 S4?

“With S4 Galaxy, Samsung again will improve the way we live,” said JK Shin, President and head of mobile communication Division of Samsung & IT at launch this smatphone in New York.

“All the innovative features of S4 Galaxy developed based on insights and needs that we found our consumers worldwide.”

“After a series of successful GALAXY S, Galaxy ͂ this is another great test of innovation inspired by our consumers. At Samsung, never stop pursuing innovation of our consumers, so that we can inspire them to turn back, “pungkasnya.

Samsung Galaxy 2 S4

Here is a set of advanced features of Samsung Galaxy S4 according to the official statement.

1. dual camera
This feature allows users to simultaneously use both front and back cameras from Galaxy S4.

When the capture, the user can select a range of frame blending two images naturally and can also adjust the image size small size and then combine the images both in 8 different ways.

2. Dual Video call
This feature allows you to make and receive video calls with friends and family while showing what you are looking for by calling.

3.Ǭ how a feature drama shot and shot shutter sound &
Galaxy S4 has 12 shooting modes including ‘ hit ‘ Drama, which allows you to see all the pictures of the moving process photographed objects in a time frame.

The sound is a unique feature of & shot that can save the recorded sound as long as the object photographed so you can have the best moments are captured in real form imaginable, just like the original accident.

4. history Album
Your best photo moments can be saved in the ‘ history ‘ feature. Photos taken from the Galaxy S4 will be automatically collected and sorted according to the time of taking the picture, geo-tagging, or other specific things to create a photo album.

This Album can be used offline through Blurb photo albums, so you can save precious moments of confident for displaying and sharing at any time.

5. gaming Group
Users can enjoy music, photos, documents, and games with people around them without the need for WiFi or cell signal AP.

This innovative feature allows users to connect directly with each other, share, play and use content and entertainment directly.

6. Music Share
‘ Music ‘ Share option allows the user to play the same song with mensinkronasi with some of the other phones to create a festive atmosphere.

7. Samsung Smart Pause
This feature allows you to control the display of the angle. When you watch the video, the video pauses automatically when you are looking in the opposite direction and will start again when he looked back on the screen.

8. Samsung Smart Scroll
This feature lets you scroll the browser or Email up and down without touching the screen. This feature recognizes your facial movements and the movement of the wrist and then rolled over automatically or page down.

9. water view
This feature allows users to view Email, S content Planner, photo gallery, web browser, phone, songs, videos or receive calls without having to touch and open it, simply cast your finger.

10. S voice Drive
Through this feature you can enable the commands through voice control to optimize while driving.

Once connected with Bluetooth mode automatically turns driving mode by converting the text to audio, so you can easily and securely check incoming messages without having to look at the screen.

11. Samsung optical drive
This function automatically recognizes text, business cards or information on QR code and provides a useful function as a translator, calls, text messages and search.

12. Samsung WatchON
Galaxy S4 can be IR remote control to control your home entertainment system, including a TV, DVD player and air conditioning. In addition, you can also enjoy a variety of content, including live TV, cable TV and more.

13. S translator
S4 Galaxy leads all people of the world closer with breathtaking eliminates language barriers. Instant translation translator provides S, text or voice applications such as e-mail, SMS and ChatON.

14. S health
Galaxy S4 empower your life to keep you informed of the latest developments in your life. This function automatically controls the health, environment and more to help improve your quality of life.

You can easily check your health conditions using a food diary, daily exercise and monitor your sleep time to keep fit and healthy.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with advanced features Samsung Galaxy 2 S4 will be available on the market in the second quarter of this year or around April to come up with two color options, ‘ Blue Mist ‘ and ‘ White Frost ‘, and several other colors will follow later.

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