Asus PadFone-based critical limits stretcher interested in Windows Phone 7

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Asus has long been notorious indeed intimate with Microsoft, but only as the Affairs of the PC. While for smartphones, they absolutely have not resulted in any one device.

With the popularity of Windows Phone 7 that the prospective, it seems difficult for Asus for not building the same intimacy to produce smartphones. It’s just that, Taiwan was more vendors focused on tablets and laptops. Then, about smartphone Windows Phone 7 as to what will work on an Asus?

“Windows 8 seemed to make more sense if applied to the concept of Padfone, a mobile phone plus tablets,” says VP of Asus Gasoline Lin told the Wall Street Journal, Tuesday (17/1/2013).

Asus PadFone

As is known, Padfone Android-based smartphone is a device that can transform into a tablet device with different sizes of the smartphone itself. After the success of the first generation of Padfone, Asus has managed to release a Padfone 2 which keep it running on the Android platform.

However, the execution of plans Windows Phone 7 Padfone concept a little bit complicate Asus. The reason, the OS have different properties though have the same kernel. Yes, Windows 8 tablet OS-specific versions of different smartphones, while Padfone is a smartphone that can be ‘ dismantled ‘ pairs into a tablet.

Though difficult, Lin still hope will bring it in 2013. If the correct concept of Padfone which are performed, then the Asus became the first vendors that create ‘ all-in-one tablet and smartphone Windows Phone-based ‘ 8. This is the forerunner of the Padfone 3?

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