Select the BlackBerry X 10 or BlackBerry Z10 ?

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Regarding the question of BlackBerry 6 for the past week in the year 2012 much revealed the origin of the mobile variant of the kanda will be ready to launch on 30 January. There are currently two variants i.e. 10 BlackBerry Z10 and X 10.

BlackBerry Z10

Both RIM’s smartphone has a different genre, the Z10 is a touchscreen smart phone while the X 10 still maintains a physical keyboard like previous bold series. The dimension of the side of the screen is obviously very different, Z10 will have bigger screen than on the X 10.

Research In Motion still retain versions of the keyboard seemed to give the typical of the BlackBerry. Moreover, the Bold series is the most popular series among teen cell phone lovers by Canada. Well, jerukers you prefer the BlackBerry screen with Z10 touchscreennya or BlackBerry qwerty physical keyboard X 10 with typical bold. Yuk the contents of pollingnya!.

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