Facebook Messenger Adds your voice mail and VoIP Features

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In order to become the loyalty of its users, Facebook seems to continue to innovate in different lines of service. Since yesterday, Thursday (3/1/2013), the most popular social networking sites has released an update that allows the user to send a voice message to opponents of his chat.

As for features it can be done simply by selecting the ‘ + ‘ icon and will develop special Record Voice. That way the message recipient can listen to the voice that has been sent by the sender of the message. This lumrahnya features Voice Note on the service BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Facebook Messenger

With such technology, voice messaging is not a feature push-to-talk which allows users to send voice messages in real-time. However, the resulting voice clarity feature is claimed on par with the features they possess Voxer applications.

In addition to presenting voice messaging, Facebook also rumored being test fly the VoIP service (Voice over Internet Protocol) in Canada that allows users to do a voice mail phone in real-time.

If the technology really can be applied globally, of course we’ll have free phone options other than Google + and the Line. Moreover, almost all the people currently have a Facebook account, of course, a wider range of hematnya.

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