Some tips for users of Windows 7

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“”>Some computer users today may have switched to Microsoft’s latest operating system is, yes Windows 7 disniyalir lighter and more powerful than previous operating systematically, so we wanted to try to provide tips and tricks about using this operating system for you.

Here is a quick way to use a computer with Windows Operating System 7, for the performance by the Operating System that is still such a trial could be better.

1. MP3 songs remain intact
Windows 7 has a few shortcomings in the application Windows Media Player 12 because there is a bug he had. This bug will automatically add the missing metadata, including album art. This problem can cause the file is not intact lagi.Untuk fix install updates from Microsoft web site.

2. Right-click an increasingly intense
o Right click on the desktop is blank to set the screen resolution, so no need to go through the setting display first.
o Right click on the Explorer icon in the taskbar, to access it a commonly used system folders like Documents, Pictures, and others more quickly.
o If you do not want to use Internet Explorer and want to move from the taskbar, right click on the icon of Internet Explorer, select Unpin thin program from the taskbar, and then install another browser.

3. Shortcut on Keyboard
o Alt P: to show or hide the appearance of Windows Explorer.
o Windows G: display the gadget in front of windows, other windows.
o Windows (plus key): Zoom in
o Windows – (minus key): Zoom out
o Windows Up: Zoom Window size
o Windows Down: Reducing the window size
o Windows Left: Move towards the left side of the screen.
o Windows Right: moving toward the right side of the screen.
o Windows Home: Minimize or restore window but that is being displayed.

4. Set the User Account Control
Upset by the number of alerts (alert) as in Windows Vista?

You can set it in the following way: Start> Control Panel> User Account Control Change Settings.

5. Writing Digital Discs
Windows 7 finally provides a service to burn the ISO file directly to CD or DVD. To facilitate double-click on the file you want to burn, select the drive that you want, and click Burn.

6. Video access is faster
Right-click on the Start menu> Properties> Start menu> Customize, set the video options on the Display the link.

7. To Flickr
You have an account on Flickr, to speed up the opening, visit and then download Connectornya, select Open. With demikinan Flickr Search will be added in the Searches folder, you can find photos on a desktop.

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