Super Search 2.0 Applications BlackBerry to Make Online Search

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Application Super Search 2.0 is now officially available for BlackBerry users. Super Search is a search engine application that can be set in accordance with our wishes. Super Search also been integrated in full with Universal Search on OS 6.0. Some of its features:

* Fast: Quick search; only are we looking mengetikapa
* Easy: Eight search that has been set, including eBay, Flickr, Twitter and Wikipedia
* Personal: You can add a personal search (integrated with the browser)
* Slim: Fully integrated with the universal search OS 6

Search that has been set:

* – eBay
* – Flickr
* – Twitter
* – Wikipedia
* – Leo (Home-Germany translation)
* – Alibaba B2B Search
* – Amazon
* – Best Buy

Super Search 2.0 is a free application which can be downloaded directly through the BlackBerry App World.

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