Samsung immediately Eliminate the “Local Search” on the Galaxy SIII

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Samsung to immediately remove any of the flagship features of the Local Search of new made by Galaxy S III, it is considering the recent war with rival Apple’s patents, in order to avoid potential legal action from Apple, with a heavy heart samsung immediately remove features usually in the front face of the smartphone.

Can be known, features local search function allows users to find content and contact details stored in the smartphone by entering the desired keyword, through an integrated user interface.

Technology from the Cupertino giant is suing Samsung because of the use of local search on some new devices such as the generation of the Galaxy. At some time now, Apple is legally won the patent suit, thereby blocking the sale while the impact on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy Nexus.

Apparently, features Android Local search is not the first time invited a lawsuit from Apple. Other manufacturers also have experienced it. HTC for example, they also had to remove the data feature multiple tapping of a new device to avoid blocking the import of the land of Uncle Sam United States.

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