Nokia ready to collaborate with Windows Phone 8

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Although the global market Lumia sales reportedly not satisfactory, but Nokia still have great hope in collaboration with the Windows Phone. Even as CEO Stephen Elop Nokia believes will be the first vendor to release a smartphone OS Windows Phoneň. But until now I have no certainty of the Microsoft whether Nokia will be the first collaboration.

But Nokia had secerca hope that Nokia will likely inherit the powerful, not even just one but two series maybe even more. Mentioned, Nokia with WP 8 is going to go hand in hand on 5 September 2012.

Until now there has been no official comment from Microsoft or Nokia, the rumors disseminated by the person in it.

Please note all, in a report in the second quarter of 2012, sales had reached the market Lumia 4 million units. Better than the previous period which is only sold 2.2 million units worldwide.

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