More Easily Share Data With “Chirp”

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London-based software developer Animal Systems, has just released their new application for the Apple iphone is Chirp, Chirp is a kind of a unique application that allows you to share data such as pictures and contacts using voice.

they explained that they make an application designed as a quick and easy sharing of data between a smart phone with an eat it in the same place.

In contrast to Bluetooth, Chirp does not need to unite the two devices, and different also by email, you do not have to type the address of the person., And do not need to be friends first like instant messaging, people just need to press the Chirp and all who have an application that can “hear “data.

Animal Systems Team is also a little explaining about the workings of the application, the sound became conductor of the flexible delivery of data because the data bits are transmitted sound is very small and many people can accept digital submissions that. Each chirp lasted about two seconds, the machine will read a series of bits of audio tones and immediately translate it into a series of words that understood our server. The server then returns the data to the interface so that they can access anywhere.

The team that proved to be a business group of University College London (UCL) that provides the Chirp application for free on the App Store. However, users will be charged for additional services Chirp pro.

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