Logitech® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

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Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. Equally with other manufacturers such as Microsoft are busy launching devices supporting accessories gadgets, Logitech ® has recently launched the stylish lifestyle of modern supporting a new keyboard accessory for the Apple iPad tablet, which they claim the product as slim, stylish and elegant, the Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover exists to complement and enhance the function of IPAD 2 and the IPAD third generation. Carrying a variety of excellence and high quality that is typical Logitech reliability and design, this product will be a multi-purpose solution that allows users when typing on the tablet, in addition to other advantages are iPad screen protection while traveling at the same time brought him to still look stylish with elegant slim design .

Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is the perfect partner for the iPad, protecting the screen while providing a touch of style thanks to the function of the cover made of aluminum that is lightweight and slim design makes this device look more elegant.

This keyboard can be paired with iPad via Bluetooth connection. When used for writing emails or watching a favorite movie, stand on the keyboard will hold the position of the iPad at the point of view has been taken into account so that the ergonomic comfort that generates a comfortable position for the user.

Similar to the smart cover, Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover connect easily and securely with iPad users thanks to the availability of a magnetic clip. There are also features On / Off that makes the iPad turns on automatically when cover is opened or enters standby mode when the cover is closed. With a battery life of up to six months allows users to have free time to type and do not have to worry keyboard loses power.

Other Logitech Tablet Accessories

The presence of Logitech ® Ultrathin Keyboard Cover complete line of accessories portfolio Logitech ® tablet. Previously, the previous Logitech has introduced a variety of accessories support the use of tablet devices, including the Logitech ® Keyboard Case, Logitech ® Mini Boombox, the Logitech ® Wireless Headset for iPad, Tablet Keyboard for iPad, Tablet Keyboard for Android, Ultimate Ears vi and vm series, Beside Dock for iPad, Logitech ® Bluetooth ® Cordless Notebook Mouse and Mouse M555b V470 is ready to connect to Bluetooth ® devices, and Tablet Speaker.

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