BlackBerry Porsche

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BlackBerry Porsche

Blackberry has recently presented a superior product that their premium BlackBerry Porsche name, sure enough Canadian producer is teamed up with luxury carmaker Porsche to design these devices, it also sold a limited Smartphone.

BlackBerry Porsche in general has an interface similar to the Blackberry Bold 9900, but much different in terms of design. This latest phone is plugged in to the back of the 5-megapixel camera and can record video at 720 p. Driven by the powerful 1Ꭶ mAh battery.

On his body covered with a stainless steel design adopted Porche. Back cover of the battery casing is made with genuine cow leather. For the affairs of each button keypad is made of metal, and will glow when the lighting is low. but the navigation buttons below the screen is made of glass. even if the phone is full of metal, but this element but it does not interfere with the antenna can function well without the interference of any.

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