Blackberry “Blade”, probably as sharp as a Blade

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Blackberry Blade

It did not take long for RIM launch the BlackBerry OS 10, as their initial step, the company was only 2,000 units will distribute BlackBerry OS based handset 10 to the developer. one of the developers who are curious about the Blackberry OS 10 is Pixelcarve, Canada-based company that makes the name Blackberry Blade design.

Blackberry Blade design brings smelling like a knife and on the bottom of the slide QWERTY, Blade design is also shaped like a curved knife. This smartphone has a size of 4.5 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution supported 720p and supported by Gorilla Glass.

Her body was wrapped in a layer to the aluminum with a Acrylic decorative . Blackberry Blade inflated with 1.5 GHz quad core processors and will be paired with Ǭ-megapixel camera rear camera and front camera 5MegaPixel.

Is perfect for supporting you who like to capture the moment you are of course important to perangkan that support high performance.

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