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Last year, HTC has bought 50% stake Beats. Stock is valued at approximately USD300 million. Some time ago rumored, Beats will make a surprise decision to buy back their shares at HTC. but they do not all buy back shares. Beats are planning only to buy back 25% of their shares.

Thus, the Beats will retain a 75% stake, while HTC is only controlled 25% only. to date does not say how much it cost to get the audio back its shares from HTC.

In this case Beats will be more flexible for expanding global direction. While HTC only be able to develop more towards mobile Beats.

Since a 50% stake Beats few years ago, many HTC smartphones that have been supported with audio technology Beats.Salah a smartphone HTC Beats armed by the HTC one. While the first smartphone that comes with this technology is the HTC Sensation XE.

As for the Beats themselves, in July it has also acquired a streaming music service, the MOG. So far it is unknown how much the value of the transaction between them, but beats analysts expect to spend funds of USD33 million for MOG.

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