Tips On Changing Name Sender Email on BlackBerry

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This is actually a very simple way as the user’s BlackBerry when sending an e-mail without the sender’s name has not been changed, the recipient will see the sender’s e-mail account is not his real name. For example: xxxxx@, and others. While this is a very simple, but many do not know how to change the name of the sender. Some people referred to is a column from a field or column name. The columns of this name are not really true, but if you change the original name of the sender to become more professional and neat appearance. If the sender wants to turn it into a name, in reality can be changed easily. The trick was not necessary, via a PC, even if a PC can, but this advice I would give the easiest way to change directly through the BlackBerry. Here’s how: * Go to mail settings, where the e-mail settings can be found in the installation folder on OS 5. OS 6 to select the installation icon, select the email account and then select Internet mail accounts * Enter your user ID and password that has been done before, that account is not associated with e-mail you are using, but is used to access your account * A Once logged in, you will see a row of push e-mail you have (assuming the email was dipush for BlackBerry), after which selects the address email that will be renamed the sender, then press the menu select Edit * In the column “your name” to replace with the name you want, then select the save, and select Make it easier to close? Learn to use the correct name of the sender, because it will look more clean and professional finish. Good luck.

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