Smartphone Battery Saving Tips

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“”>If you just bought a smartphone of course you’re curious about anything new from either the BlackBerry, cell phones (mobile phones), Android, or your iPhone.

But one thing should be kept in mind, the longer you tamper with, the shorter the battery lasted.

When compared with standard cell phone that can survive three days if in full-charge, the smartphone must be filled every 24 hours and even more frequently.

Actually when you use a lithium-ion batteries, either on a laptop or smartphone, you can be a little technology dilecut to get longer.

Network Options

CDMA phones typically use more energy than GSM phones. If the cell phone batteries run out quickly, consider replacing with a GSM mobile phone, of course if it does not conflict with your interests.


The more light the screen, the higher the energy the battery that you squeeze.

Lower the brightness level of the LCD screen of your phone. Use the automatic dimming device that can detect the level of light in one room if your phone is equipped with a feature it.

So even when you use your smartphone to play music, lower the volume.

Wi-Fi Controls

Of course, very good if you can use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but you should if it is outside the hot spot just turn off Wi-Fi applications.

The problem is your phone will continue to use the energy to look for Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth.

If not being used, set your phone on sleep mode. On the iPhone you can set it through the feature ‘setting’ or settings. On the BlackBerry use Manage Connections.

Check the Signal Level

Your Smartphone will of course continue to look for signals not least in the low signalized area. In areas where a weak signal your phone will work harder to find the signal, which means more energy is used up.

If you are in a place like that, you should turn off the phone function of your smartphone. So even with 3G applications.

We recommend using the EDGE network that makes Internet access more slowly but will not affect call quality.

Check Email

Smartphone is equipped with technology that can check email automatically or by setting push email when there are incoming email.

The two options above is very wasteful of energy. For long-lasting battery you turn off push or distance intervals lebarkan checking incoming email.

Better yet if you check the email manually.

Airplane Mode

The simplest way to save energy is to set up your smartphone in airplane mode. Thus BlackBerry or iPhone you can only be used to play music or ‘organizer’ without being able to receive email or
receive calls.

“In airplane mode, your iPhone battery will last even up to one week,” said Kyle Wiens, founder, an iPhone and Mac laptop repair shop online.

Disable Animation

The more heat your smartphone, the more energy is used up. One of the most voracious vacuum energy is the Flash animation, advanced technology behind many online video and animated ads.

To keep your battery life turn off Flash.

Some Help

Some applications can help you monitor your battery and turn off some functions that are not effective in the use of energy.

Go and myBatteryLife battery will help iPhone owners know their battery life and energy translates into the amount of time to talk, play music, videos, and surfing in cyberspace.

NB BattStat for BlackBerry users can warn the temperature of the battery. hot batteries will lose energy faster.

Radio Saver is a BlackBerry application that can monitor the level of signal availability. When there is no signal the capabilities of your smartphone will be automatically turned off.

Best BatterySaver can be used for smartphones that use the Symbian operating system, in particular products Nokia and Sony Ericsson, to create a battery saving profile.

Age Got Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries will decide the source of energy when fully charged.

Nevertheless battery manufacturers still recommend a laptop or smartphone should not always be connected with a power source. If not used for several months, the batteries should be charged 50 percent.

All batteries have a certain number of charge cycles. A lithium battery
usually discharged after passing 300 to 500 times the filling.

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