Blackberry Threaten National Security

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“”>Middle eastern countries, especially the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been actively censor the content of web sites and various other media that are considered harmful to national security. This time, the United Arab Emirates will also do it against one of the best-selling business phone, the BlackBerry. Arab governments want to access the encrypted information is transferred between the server and RIM’s wireless network, the aim is clearly to observe and monitor communications.
Previously one of the major operators in the United Arab Emirates also caught implicitly tell BlackBerry users to install software that can make others to access the device.
The UAE itself has a reason to do this, made phone, RIM has been classified as a mobile phone that the user can threaten national security issues. BlackBerry also mentioned has been operating beyond the jurisdiction of national law which defined and open to abuse. In addition to the BlackBerry there are also several other phones that have been monitored by the government of the United Arab Emirates.
Is RIM will allow this? Just hope this does not become as large as Google’s ever experienced with the Chinese Government. To be reasonable when the UAE wants to protect his country but when allowed to access the information terenkripisi seemed increasingly dangerous because of certain parties to access it, while there must be objective if the information is encrypted.
The Indonesian government is considering to follow the steps taken by Saudi Arabia to stop BlackBerry services in the country.
RIM wants the government to prepare a local server. The goal is that information sent via Blackberry RIM does not have to involve intermediaries in Canada.
“We do not know whether the data sent through the BlackBerry can be intercepted or read by third parties abroad,
Responding to the possibility the government will do the blocking as that of Saudi Arabia, Febriati Nadhira, Head of Corporate Communication XL Axiata says it has not received any notification from the regulators.
“We have not received notification about this from the government, but in principle we as operators will be subject to the regulations set by the regulator, the institute called for blocking access to the BlackBerry this problem should consider the technological capabilities and balance with other interests.
As is known, blocking done by the government of Saudi Arabia to put pressure on Research In Motion to provide greater access to data from the BlackBerry user on a country’s government.
Because the government can not know whether the user sends the data or information that is important or confidential and potentially harmful to the country over the BlackBerry network.

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