Rumor Apple iPad 2 Released in February and iPhone Released May 5

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“”>Manufacturing of the second generation of the Apple iPad will begin in February according to the Chinese Commercial Times as saying at Apple Insider. The same source also claims that the iPhone 5 will begin production around May.

Commercial Times says that the production iPad in February will be a ‘small pilot’ with production expected to be present in the second half of this year. Delivery is expected larger than the expected original IPAD should be able to meet all requests and avoid the problem of shortage of components such as that experienced by first generation iPad.

The report goes on to say that the two manufacturing plants and Pegatron Foxconn is expected to continue to be a key player in this process and becoming the component manufacturers for the Apple device ..

According to sources in China, partners poduksi iPhone is expected to release five new handsets in May most likely that these devices will be released in June which will be a ceremony launching the largest dna latest Apple phone this year.

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