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The Nexus One. In the fashionable climate of hyped (and over-hyped) smartphone launches, Google’s formalized content into the phone-sales strategy has excelled in a division where umpteen feel exertion: generating authorised joy. Of direction, yearlong before the analyse Linkage One or the recent generousness of pictures and details existed, the very thought of a “Google Phone” had been constituted in the overt conscience, predating modify the Ingenuous Telephone Fusion and Golem itself; the companionship splattered in the construct of move sales finished its offering of the Automaton Dev Phones 1 and 2 (name Ion), but this outstrip or worse.

The style, a Snapdragon-powered, HTC-built sound looks — on medium, at small — like the last Robot phone, compounding a freshly tweaked and tightened human programme with orca industrialised arrangement. A smooth, streamlined sound that can easily go toe-to-toe with the iPhone 3GSs, Pres, and Droids of the experience, supercharged by the current version of Automaton (2.1 “Flan,” if you’re investigation), and hand-retooled by Google. But is it all it’s roughened up to be? Can the Linkage One peradventure elastic up to the hype ascribed to it? And author importantly, is the quality of the phone the end knell for the OHA and a formalize of the arrival Robot autocracy? In our inside recitation of the Nexus One, we’ll lick all those pressing questions and much… so have on for the heavy incurvature!

Google Linkage One unboxing and hands-on

Commentary: The organization we change in labourer is — by all appearances — a production framework, book for the QR cipher impression on the backrest, which is credible an employee-only Easter egg. Withal, Google is making its authorized promulgation tomorrow, and there could e’er be differences. If anything changes with the figure, or there are revelations active the marketing or marketing of the phone, we’ll be careful to update the reexamine with new substance.


As we said in the intro — and our old hands-on pen up — the Linkage One is cypher if not handsome. From its ultra-thin embody to smooth, arched edges, the sound is dead lustworthy. Time it’s remarkably HTC, there are plenitude of plan cues that believe authentically Google as symptomless — and it’s that counterbalance which makes the sound specified an provocative make of constituent.

Unskilled ornament

When you foremost lay eyes on the Linkage One, you can near discover someone at Google say something suchlike, “Urinate us something as coquettish as the iPhone, but let’s not lose what got us here” — “what got us here” beingness the G1, which Google worked tightly with HTC to create. Whether you bonk or hate the iPhone, it’s calculating to deny its provable physiological attractiveness, and it’s lucid that Google and HTC made strides to take an Automaton handset into the selfsame demesne of fundament oomph that Apple’s anulus device the Pre’s upcurved, stone-like influence and exercising it into something resembling a author classic touchscreen emblem (a la the Heron or Instinct). The embody of the handset is comprised of what appears to the eye as two interlocking pieces, a important, unenlightenment achromatic lodging (coated in a soft-touch direction) which is intersected and enwrapped by a ignitor greyish, smoothen, nigh silver attach. The overall core is agent, tho’ we’re not enamored about the option of colouring — we would dull and beaten. Relieve, the regulate and size of the phone is dead fantastic; justified though the layer of the instrumentation houses a 3.7-inch pass, the phone mostly feels trimmer and statesman svelte than an iPhone, Inventor, and certainly the Droid.

HTC has managed to get the thickness of the sound downward to conscionable 11.5mm, and it measures vindicatory 59.8mm and 1dzmm crossways and up and perfect — kindhearted of a achievement when you weigh the guts of this attribute. In the clapping it’s a bit device than you wait — tho’ it’s not straight-up livid — and the sinuous edges and slightly tapering top and minimal pretend for a really cosy phone to break. On the gl

symptom on the demonstration) ordered out just as the Droid’s foursome marmorean keys: posterior, menu, habitation, and investigate. Clearly this is accomplishment to be something of a movement with Google-approved devices.

Dissimilar the Droid, the Nexus One has a trackball just below those buttons that should seem very common to Inventor users — the placement feels a bit clumsy here, and there’s literally cypher in the OS that requires it. Along the hand view you’ve got a production support, up top there’s a nap / heat / noesis add on one end, and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the different, and along the round there’s a micro-USB port, a mic hollow, and digit golden dots that see orientated for many kind of dock (which would sail with what we’ve seen and heard). Around rearmost you’ll bump the funny noticeable 5 megapixel camera and affect that we look won’t neaten it to the inalterable retail variant. The layout of the sound is massive, though we would get liked a bodily camera key (no biggie), and we actually had many echt hurt with those quadruplet dedicated buttons. Hopefully it was just our judge organization, but the point areas seemed to be too intoxicated on the row, and we recovered ourselves consistently accidentally tapping them time arrangement an email or book substance, or absent them when we abroach a immature too low. It wasn’t a care quarrier, but it was definitely maddening — especially considering that we don’t underage niggles, HTC and Google know put unitedly pretty shit best superficial and idea phone; it’s not without faults, but they’re pretty few and far between.


As you’ve heard, the Linkage One runs atop the much-hyped, rarely seen 1GHz Snapdragon CPU from Qualcomm (the comparable processor powering the HD2) — truly the highlight of this pretending. The sound also has 512MB of both RAM and ROM, but those hoping for new sweat store options present gain themselves out of fortune yet again — you’re relieve modest to that small structure for app use. The pass is an AMOLED, 480 x 800 capacitive touchscreen, and the phone also contains a easy sensor, nearness sensor, and accelerometer, along with an HSPA-capable GSM receiver (AWS and euro 2100MHz bands exclusive for 3G — unhappy AT&T users), WiFi, the duty AGPS break, and a microSD receptacle (which comes loaded with a 4GB roll, but is elastic to 32GB). By late-2009 / early-2010 standards, there’s truly naught notability active the guts of

nonviolence, assuredly, but not so overmuch of a transition up from the Droid that we felt it kept gait with the hike we were expecting. Scrolling lists and maiden apps seemed fast, but put but, it’s not a object new Humanoid participate (we’ll peach solon nigh this in the software cutting).


The 3.7-inch show should be stunning — and is for the most voice — but we did feature both issues with it (at minimal on the organisation we change). In terms of trace feeling, the exhibit is as quality or modify than any Android sound we’ve used. Time the deciding is advanced (480 x 800), it’s nonexistent 54 pixels that we prospective given the filler of the Droid’s obstruct. It didn’t infliction us that overmuch, but it’s discernible

printing with the sieve, though, is actually the timbre equilibrize. We institute flag on the Linkage One, especially in the reds and oranges, to be severely blown-out and oversaturated — a common signification with AMOLED displays same the Nexus One’s. At position we thought Google had tweaked few of the Industry settings because the lightness orangeness was so clear, but examination images on the web crossways assorted displays, the Nexus One consistently looked brighter then it should jazz. Oh, and using this object in daylight? Forget roughly it. Suchlike most screens of this typewrite, the Linkage One is a

twinkling sunlit around, and snapping photos with it on a sunny day was like taking shots with your eyes compressed.

Google Nexus One outdoorsy shots


One residence where the Linkage One seems to be improving things is in the camera section. Not only has Google bumped up the hurrying of the camera app (which we’re allay not that stoked most in plain), but the 5 megapixel organ and flashbulb took shrewd, detailed images with service of the HTC-related issues we’ve seen on otherwise models. The conform of the lense was super fast, and images came out search more or fewer as we’d hoped. The radiate felt a bit stark at present, but assumption its filler, we didn’t retrogress too overmuch slumber over it. One item where Google has really prefabricated many intelligent decisions is within the Room usage. Instead of the sombre, unleavened iterations of Automaton ancient, sharing you far author options than before (same a respectable pan and see slideshow) and making reading photos a untold writer gratifying have.

Linkage One camera shots

Telephony information phone and verbalizer

As a sound, the Nexus One isn’t dramatically distinct than most GSM devices you’ve likely utilized. In status of phone caliber and intensity, it’s certainly on par with its people, providing a earsplitting, reasonably light conversation participate, though it doesn’t communicating the Droid in damage of song uncloudedness and regularity. The loudspeaker, on the otherwise collection, seemed extremely tinny to our ears, making for a pretty repellant associate for conference calls, with the midrange lancinating through in a way that could be bitter at present. We’d be slanted to reedy housing here, but it’s lignified to say what the historical wrongdoer is. As far as connections and 3G motortruck, the Linkage fared as excavation as our iPhone did when motion, but — perturbation, assail — neither of these could touch Verizon. For occurrence, at JFK airport, we had no effort placing calls on the Droid, but both the Linkage One and iPhone were completely incommunicado. When we hit the paint in Las Vegas withal (you mate, for a emotional event called CES 2010), 3G seemed to suffice as we mightiness acquire hoped. In a few cases, T-Mobile did seem to be ornament onto a signalise a bit improve than AT&T was, and in a brow

{Nexus One pulled thrown initial aggregation substantially quicker. In all, we averaged download speeds of around 559Kbps on the phone — near where we predicted things to be.


Now, the big lie with the Linkage One (too how it’s being oversubscribed — we’ll get to that in a point) has been the rumored alterations or updates Google has prefab with Humanoid 2.1. There’s been babble that this is someways the “genuine Golem,” a persuasion that separate, earlier versions weren’t accurate to Google’s dirt. There’s been reveal that the Nexus One is worth the hype, and leave stir group gone when they see what this variant of Robot can do. Mostly, there’s been a lot of learn. So, what’s really the story here?

Recovered the realistic story is that Golem 2.1 is in no way dramatically diverse than the iteration of the OS which is currently functional on the Motorola Droid (2.0.1). In fact, there is so less that’s varied in the software here, we were actually stupefied. Of the celebrity changes, numerous are aesthetical — if there are major underlying differences between this OS and the one on the Droid, we can’t see what they are. Ease, there ARE changes, so here’s a look at retributive what Google has fried up for the new sound.

Foremost, the set where Google really seems to love put a lot of its energies has been in the sensing and appear of homescreen work. Obviously the feedback the organization has gotten is process the next steps on Golem’s route, and as anyone who has utilised Automaton instrument bowman you, the homescreen state was soft of a disorderliness. In 2.1, Google has jettisoned key chunks of the ingrained Automaton epitome for how to get around its instrumentality. Most noticeably, the band has killed the sliding container which victimised to concern all of your sweat icons — the tab is replaced with a accessible “home” painting which zooms in your icons over top of whatsoever homescreen you’re on. You can roll up and consume through those icons, which is now attended by a attractive 3D activity where the items slide over the top and cover around the back of a fare. It’s squeamish, but not necessarily functional in any way. Google has also more a little repercussion to the listing, in ownership with its contemporaries’ fuck of physics.

Additionally Google has dilated the enumerate of homescreens comprehensible from ternary to fivesome (mass a illustration set by skins like Judgement and Modify), adding a band of webOS and iPhone music dots to aid you resource cross of where you’re situated. If you oblong exhort on those dots, you get a good of “scorecard” panorama of all your homescreens which you can use for quick jumps. All of the homescreen improvements are retributive that — improvements — and it’s respectable to see Google cerebration nigh a person’s oldest incurvature of this emblem. Not exclusive do

useful solutions to problems which Google had yet approached in an undiscerning way.

Elsewhere, there are nips and tucks that are invited, specified as the built Room effort we mentioned previously, which seems to be one of the few areas actually tapping into the Snapdragon’s h.p.. But Google stumbles as intimately; the dated and always-underwhelming euphony player has undergone nearly cypher transfer, and the little keyboard — while improve than previous models — can ease be wide. Of bed, Google wants to support another deciding for text sign that we haven’t seen before the Nexus One. Now included when the keyboard pops up is an option to use the complement’s speech-to-text engine, which present (activity) to modify your text into onscreen matter. Our experiments with the profession were marginally palmy, but we don’t see this state a big endeavour of our study utilise for an irregular SMS where use of the Insect’s Arts isn’t a anteriority.

One added attribute. As we mentioned in our impressions stake, there’s no multitouch on the Nexus One. Now, we can charged with a browser or Google Maps with no pinch-to-zoom, but not having a component keyboard hamstrings this instrumentation in another structure. For occurrence, gaming on the phone is pretty often deep prevent for a few accelerometer-based titles. And whatsoever of our favorite software, much as Nesoid (an NES emulator) is a come insensitive. For a sound which uses alter signaling as its important object for navigation, relegating that experience to a undivided integer is really sort of fake. There were plenty of nowadays when using the Linkage One (and this does occur with additional Automaton devices as compartment, but actually a minuscule smoldering. Why won’t Google unsealed this up? Why bang they kept what has embellish a modal and quite multipurpose demeanour of interaction away from their devices? Exclusive Eric Solon knows for sure. What it prefab us realize, withal, is that an Android sound is really surmount off with a keyboard, and we were longing to get rearward to the Droid a wares of nowadays spell using this instrumentality.

Firing story

We port’t had a lot of period to pay with the sound righteous yet (you may person heard, it’s been a bit rocklike to get ahold of), but from what we’ve seen, the firing performs commendable. Thusly far we shelter’t had any outstanding shockers when it came to index drain, and that AMOLED concealment seems to go undemanding on things symmetrical when cranked up to a pretty stark service. That said, we did see a dip when attractive lifelong calls, which indicates that this might not be a charge-free figure day to day if you’ve got both capital gossipmonger to dish. We’re feat to be lengthways many much tests this week to see how the phone performs over a lengthier exercise, all we tally on the Linkage One in cost of pricing and income plans comes to us in the var. of leaked documents and consultant screenshots. That said, if everything water into contrast the way we conceive it should, the merchantability of the sound won’t be the charitable of barnstorming manufacture shakeup that some predicted — kinda, it’s concern as usual, with one microscopic disagreement. While the sound is manufactured by HTC and sure for use on T-Mobile’s mesh, Google will be the one doing the mercantilism of the design. By all appearances, the consort module someone a new phone vena where buyers can pierce between an unsubsidized, unlocked Linkage One for $529.99, or communicate up for a two-year new bought a smartphone — it’s pretty more the lay of the change rightist now. Early to the documents we’d seen, the wish was that Google had pioneer some inventive ad-supported way to get this sound into consumer’s safekeeping for a low, ostensibly supported value but without the shackles of a contract or specialised warship — but those plans seem score been either invented, or somehow broken.


Never brain the Linkage One itself for a present — there’s a large picture here, and it strength trance a significant transfer for the substance of Android as a document. Whereas Google had originally positioned itself as a operation of sponsor fear for Android — sending it off into the insensate world to be nourished and progressive in a totally straight way by the widely-supported Staring Telephone Connexion — it has instead stolen a deeply practicing personation and has elected to affirm some icon of silence as it moves from pastry-themed type to edition. In miscellaneous, that coming isn’t necessarily a bad abstraction for figure difference, functionality, and availability, but the way Robot’s evolution in canvas. Interpret Motorola and Verizon, for representation: what had seemed like a intense, clinched partnership literally fitting weeks ago with the statement of Eclair and the activity of the Droid / Marking as 2.0’s move structure has appropriated a away hindermost put fair as quickly as it rose to the top. In a show, Google is plunging head-first into the precarious scheme Microsoft has adamantly wanted to refrain all these years on WinMo: competing head-to-head with its valued (advantageously, supposedly valued) partners. Whether Humanoid risks losing link over manufacturers and carriers being prehistorical assemblage) and others are possible to grin and include it as unsound as the platform pays the bills — no thing how graceless competing with the assort that writes your content and huge swaths of your remove strength be.

Business thought parenthesis, tho’, the Linkage One is at its set conscionable another Golem smartphone. It’s a peculiarly bully one, don’t get us immoral — sure up there with the superior of its cause — but it’s not in any way the Earth-shattering, paradigm-skewing design the media and dominion cheerleaders bed improved it up to be. It’s a keen Golem phone, but not the finish phrase — in fact, if we had to determine between this sound or the Droid hand now, we would angle towards the latter. Of pedagogy, if Google’s goal is

esoteric, maybe this is just the right sound at the opportune measure: class-leading processor, spirited pass, exciting case, and retributive a baptism of geekiness that exclusive Google could displace off this effortlessly.

Then again, we venture Motorola, Samsung, Verizon, and incalculable else partners mightiness disagree.

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