Is Android Microsoft’s next cash cow?

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This story ran in the print edition of The Seattle Times on July 8, 2011. -Sharon Pian Chan In the hunt for the next billion-dollar business, Microsoft may have discovered one in mobile software. It costs Microsoft nothing to produce and sell, and it’s not Windows Phone. It’s Android, the wildly popular — and free — mobile-phone software made by competitor Google. In the past nine months …

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target=”_blank” href=”=A2KJ3CagKRlOkR4AgT7_wgt.;X3oDMTByNjRxMGJ2BHBvcwM2BHNlYwNzcgRjb2xvA2FjNAR2dGlkAw–/SIG=14d25uphv/EXP=1310300704/**Ȇ_is_android_microsofts_next_cash_cow.html?syndication=rss” title=”Is Android Microsoft’s next cash cow?”>Is Android Microsoft’s next cash cow?

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